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Century Mill Stable IEA Results

October 09 @ Century Mill

Serena Mirchandani- 1st JV Nov Flat
Samantha Terry- 2nd Varsity Int. Fences, 2nd Varsity Int. Flat
Andrea Demeo- 2nd JV Nov Fences
Veronica Green Gott- 2nd JV Nov Fences, 3rd JV Nov Flat
Megan Baker- 3rd JV Nov Fences
Jess Lifschultz- 3rd JV Nov Flat
Mary Ellen Osler- 3rd JV Nov Flat
Middle School Team- 4th Place
Sarah Baker- 1st Future Beg WTC
Sam Goldstein- 2nd Future Beg WTC
Lauren Von Stetten- 2nd Future Beg WTC
Katie Glauner- 3rd Future Nov Flat


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