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Volunteer Management Survey Kicks Off


It probably comes as no surprise that volunteers are the life blood of the horse industry. Recruiting and retaining volunteers can be challenging, and it can be one of the key obstacles to growth. It can also be difficult to figure out where to start to improve volunteer management.

Blue Ribbon Consulting, LDO, LLC is conducting a volunteer management survey to develop a white paper that will provide a snapshot on where the horse industry stands. The survey results can help nonprofits to determine next steps to strengthen their volunteer management practices. Those that operate an equine oriented nonprofit, or on the board of directors are invited to take a few moments to participate in this survey. Answers are confidential and will only be used in aggregate to produce a white paper that will be posted to the Blue Ribbon Consulting website. If you don't run an equine nonprofit but know someone that does, please send the link along to them.

Find the survey here:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FFV9S3Y . Please complete the survey by December 15, 2014. The white paper will be available in early 2015.

Since 1995, Blue Ribbon Consulting has provided evaluation, planning, research, marketing and problem-solving services to clients around the world to take their horse businesses successfully through their business transitions. Lisa Derby Oden, Blue Ribbon Consulting’s founder and principal, has also been a nonprofit founder, board member, and executive officer for state and national organizations. She has worked with nonprofits in strategic planning, program development, corporate development, fundraising, grant writing and grant administration. Lisa has delivered business development, marketing, and leadership seminars throughout the United States. In addition to her horse business books, she has also been a columnist and freelance writer for many equine trade publications. Lisa has received state and national awards for her work in the horse industry.




Contact: Lisa Derby Oden

Blue Ribbon Consulting, LDO, LLC




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