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  • 6 Ways Top Riders Keep Their Horses Happy, Healthy, and Performing Their Best
    They all say this is no secret. They claim it isn’t news. And yet somehow, it seems right to put it out there—again, if that is indeed the case—with the good of the horse in mind. That is: You don’t need custom boots and expensive tack; it doesn’t take a fancy indoor and an underwater […]
  • WIN Thelwell Swag and Double Dan Horsemanship Gear!
    Wouldn’t it be fabulous if when you bought gifts for the holidays, you were automatically entered to win great prizes? Wouldn’t that put a whole new spin on the Christmas shopping experience? Oh, wait…that’s EXACTLY what we’re doing! That’s right, during the month of December, if you buy a copy of THELWELL’S PONY CAVALCADE or […]
  • It’s a Fergus Time of Year
    Do you remember the first time you saw a Fergus the Horse Cartoon? Was he trading super clever commentary with the ever-cynical Grace? Was he stepping slickly and not-so-innocently to one side, away from the mounting block where his brave rider (alas) was attempting to climb astride? Was he pulling a laden sleigh in the […]
  • Giving Thanks for What We’ve Learned from Great Horse People on the Job
    When you are caught up in the never-ending must-dos of book publishing, you can find yourself tired, your creative and entrepreneurial energy tapped, your head spinning and your hands ready to unfurl themselves from the keyboard and (instead) curl themselves around the comforting curves of a glass of wine, fireside. But while the pressure is […]
  • 10 Things I Learned from Jack Le Goff’s Autobiography
    Before we published HORSES CAME FIRST, SECOND, AND LAST, I knew of Jack Le Goff. I knew of him the way any once-young-and-aspiring eventer would: through stories shared by the trainers I rode with through the years, as well as those very fine horsemen and women I’ve had the honor of working with during my […]
  • TSB Wants to Meet YOU! Come See Us at Equine Affaire MA!
    That’s right…it’s that time of year again. We’re loading the books and DVDs in the horse trailer (yes, literally) and getting ready to head south on Interstate 91 for four days of horse-centric fun at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts. From Thursday November 9 through Sunday November 12, 2017, the Eastern States Exposition is […]
  • Miniature Horses Are Big Fun!
    I’d had “full-size” horses for many years when someone gave me a pair of Miniature Horses. “Foxy” and “Tommy” were chubby and sweet-faced; naughty and good-natured in equal measures. A perfect balance of “pony” approachability and “horse” temperament, they served several years as patient grooming subjects for my lesson kids, participated in dozens of parades […]
  • The Principles of Riding: Still Solid After All These Years
    THE PRINCIPLES OF RIDING by the German Equestrian Federation (FN) was first published more than 50 years ago and now has 28 editions to date. Over 400,000 have been sold, translated into 11 languages. The ideas expressed in THE PRINCIPLES OF RIDING are based on “classical riding,” which is defined by the FN as: “A […]
  • The Truth About Transitions
    In Jessica Black’s book COWBOY DRESSAGE, she explains Eitan Beth-Halachmy’s riding and training philosophy. One point they do an excellent job clarifying involves transitions: what they are, how to prepare for them, and how to make them good. Anytime the horse changes his gait or frame, he performs a transition. Going from the walk to […]
  • Training the Shy Ones: Insight from Ingrid Klimke
    In her new book TRAINING HORSES THE INGRID KLIMKE WAY, gold-medal Olympian and champion eventer Ingrid Klimke shares intimate profiles of 10 of her horses. We are invited into her barn where she explains their personality quirks, their strengths and their challenges. Klimke outlines each horse’s training plan, highlighting why certain accommodations are made for […]

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