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  • 4 Steps to the Emergency Dismount
    It was over 25 years ago, but I can still close my eyes and immediately feel the pounding of hooves on the hard dirt road in my head, and the rawness of my skinned and abraded hands as they desperately pulled to one side, then the other, on what were, at the time, fairly useless […]
  • Riders! Do NOT Put Your Shoulders Back!
    The rider’s trunk and extremities interact and depend on each other. For example, hands and arms depend on shoulder position, which depends on the shoulder girdle, which depends on the position of the spinal column (in particular, the thoracic spine). All of this interconnectedness means that the common instruction heard in riding rings round the […]
  • When I Said Yes to Scary: The “After George Morris” Report
    TSB author Karen Robertson shared her hopes and fears for her clinic date with The George in May (click here to read her first post). Now she’s back to tell us how it all went down. To tell the story about what it was like for me riding with George Morris in late May, I […]
  • Quick Quiz: Which Horse Is Bending Correctly?
    Look at this image. Can you spot the differences between the horse on the left and the horse on the right?   Which one is a horse that is bending correctly? If you guessed the horse on the right is bending correctly, you were right! The horse on the left shows how in an incorrectly […]
  • Stretch Your Neck to Ride Better
      Many riders have neck and shoulder tension, which derives from the body’s reaction of “turning on” the trapezius muscle (see illustration above) in their daily lives. When there is a neuromuscular “highway” to an unproductive area such as the trapezius, there will be an almost automatic physical reaction, collecting tension in that area, regardless […]
  • Color Me Happy! There’s a New Guide to Horse Coat Colors in Town
      When I was a little girl, I had a herd of imaginary horses and rode them by turns. There was a golden palomino, with lots of chrome, and a chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. A coal black stallion with white stockings on all four legs and a broad star on his forehead galloped beside […]
  • Mounting Anxiety?
    How do you think your horse feels about being mounted? Does he fidget? Throw his head up? Drop his back? Root at the bit? It is easy to unbalance your horse when you mount him, and you can also unbalance him when you dismount. Learning to take your time in the process of mounting and dismounting […]
  • Saying Yes to Scary: My Turn Riding for George Morris
    TSB author Karen Robertson mulls over her upcoming date with The One and Only. I started considered riding in a George Morris clinic in recent years. I know, I know… most of you are probably wondering why on earth I’d throw myself into the fire like that. And you’re right – I’m kind of freaking […]
  • Trot-Canter Cavalletti Challenge
    Olympian Ingrid Klimke is known for her positive horse training techniques, as well as her remarkable success in international competition. In this exercise from her forthcoming book TRAINING HORSES THE INGRID KLIMKE WAY, she provides a terrific challenge for the horse and rider who have mastered regular cavalletti work. See if you are up to […]
  • Warming Up for the Dressage Test: Tips from Olympian Phillip Dutton
    Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event 2017 starts today with the first horse inspection, and the dressage phase kicks off tomorrow morning. To make sure everyone’s ready to go, here are five tips for warming up prior to your dressage test from MODERN EVENTING WITH PHILLIP DUTTON: 1  Start in walk on a 20-meter circle if the […]

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