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  • Training the Shy Ones: Insight from Ingrid Klimke
    In her new book TRAINING HORSES THE INGRID KLIMKE WAY, gold-medal Olympian and champion eventer Ingrid Klimke shares intimate profiles of 10 of her horses. We are invited into her barn where she explains their personality quirks, their strengths and their challenges. Klimke outlines each horse’s training plan, highlighting why certain accommodations are made for […]
  • “Is My Horse’s Hoof-Pastern Axis BROKEN?” Here’s How You Can Tell
    Did you know the hoof-pastern axis is how the angle of the dorsal wall of the horse’s hoof compares to the angle of the pastern bone? According to horsewoman Susan Kauffmann and certified trimmer Christina Cline in their brand new guide THE ESSENTIAL HOOF BOOK, ideally, these two will be parallel to one another. “This […]
  • Use This Easy Test to See if Your Knees Are Inhibiting Your Horse’s Forward Movement
    Did you know your knees can obstruct your horse’s ability to go forward? It’s weird to think about—but true! Your seat bones and feet  play a role, as well, but they are secondary to the knees. You can use this easy test with an exercise ball to identify bad habits that may explain why your […]
  • Is Your Horse a Bean-Bag or a Tennis Ball?
    To the uneducated eye, posting the trot is just a series of silly looking, seemingly purposeless, up-down movements. But riders understand what it takes to make rising and sitting to the two-beat rhythm of the horse’s diagonal gait complement rather than hinder his movement. “The skilled rider uses rising trot to get the tension in […]
  • Why Little Boys Should Ride Horses
      I had my son in front of me on the back of a horse before he was three, hoping—like any formerly horse-mad woman who did little else than muck, groom, and ride throughout her childhood might—that maybe, just maybe, he’d have a little “horsiness” rub off on him. But it was more than five […]
  • An Interview with the Remarkable Trainer Who Has Decoded “Horse Speak” for the Rest of Us
    In November of 2016 the book HORSE SPEAK: THE EQUINE-HUMAN TRANSLATION GUIDE was released, becoming an instant bestseller and propelling a little-known trainer and riding teacher from Westminster, Vermont, into a whirlwind of book signings, speaking engagements, and clinics throughout North America. Now with the book soon to be released in Dutch and in German, […]
  • Is Your Horse a Righty or a Lefty?
    Has it ever crossed your mind that your horse might be “left-” or “right-handed”? According to Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich and Klaus Schöneich in their book STRAIGHTENING THE CROOKED HORSE, every horse is either left- or right-handed, and this “handedness” or “sidedness” is almost identical to that of the human population in terms of occurrence (70-90 percent […]
  • 3 Ways to Develop a Strong Showing Mindset
    Ah, show day! The delightful mix of butterflies and caffeine churning within as you rise with the sun. The bustling activity on the grounds as horses are fed, walked, and bathed. The knowledge that at some point in the very near future, you will stand before the masses and be judged… Sure, there are any […]
  • Two Easy Exercises to Make the Rider’s Hands More Sensitive and Effective
    “That rider has good hands.” The comment might mean little to those outside the equestrian realm, but within it, we understand it as a compliment. And one of the highest order. As young riders, we try our darnedest for a somewhat light connection with the school horses and tough little ponies we likely learn on. […]
  • Going Back in Order to Go Forward: A Lesson from Alois Podhajsky
      Colonel Alois Podhajsky was an Olympian and Director of the the Spanish Riding School in Vienna for 26 years. Podhajsky was known to bring out the best in each horse he rode, and to rely on patience, understanding, and affection in the training process. Podhajsky detailed his riding, training, and competitive experiences in the […]

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