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NH Trails in Jeopardy

Dear NH equestrians/tax payers:


Once again, people are trying to push horses out of the picture.  There is an immediate need for us to speak up to protect our rights on state land including beaches and forests.  Please take a few minutes to review these proposed changes that will affect us in a major way.  If you think you'll have no problem taking a pitch fork and potato sack on trails, then no worries; you can stop reading now.   However, most of you may find it difficult, and if you would like to continue to ride in state parks, then please send an email to voice your opinion or attend the meeting or one of the hearings.  This affects the whole equine industry, and we have the right to speak up about it.  Please remember to be polite when airing your concerns.  


Proposed changes: CLICK HERE  The underlined sections are the proposed new regulations.


There is a meeting scheduled on October 1, at 1 P.M. (conveniently at a time when most people are at work and cannot attend), at DRED's Large Conference Room, 172 Pembroke Rd, Concord, NH. If you can be there, please come. There are other public hearings -- go to the website for more info. 

www.dred.state.nh.us‎ for a listing of the hearings – 


Oct 1, 6 P.M. - Plymouth University, Plymouth; 

Oct. 3 6 P.M.- Peterborough Town Library; 

Oct 8, 6 P.M. - DRED Lancaster Office, Lancaster; 

Oct 10, 6 P.M. - Hampton Beach Seashell Oceanfront Pavilion, Banquet Room, Hampton, NH 



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