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NH Horse Council “Share the Road” News

New Hampshire’s beautiful country settings are drawing many persons to move into or

travel those areas to enjoy the countryside. Our rural neighborhoods still have farm

animals, and horses are a common sight in pastures and back yards. You are likely to see

these horses ridden or driven down New Hampshire roads attributing to the country

setting that others are seeking.


NH Horse Council wishes to remind motorists about NH RSA 265:104 Approaching

Horses. “Every person having control or charge of a vehicle shall, whenever upon any

way and approaching any horse, drive, manage, and control such vehicle in such a

manner as to exercise every reasonable precaution to prevent the frightening of such

horse, and insure the safety and protection of any person riding or driving the same.”

NH Horse Council advises to, “please slow down and pass wide, and allow as much room

as feasible between the horse and the vehicle. Slowing down allows the horse and rider

(driver) enough time to realize a vehicle is approaching and to make sure the horse is

prepared for the vehicle to pass. When approaching a horse from the rear, it is important

to know that the horse and rider (driver) is going to be less aware of your presence, so

please be cautious. Never sound the horn or create loud noises, as this might cause the

horse to spook.”


If a rider (driver) is moving a hand up and down with the palm down, he/she is asking

you to slow down more. If the arm is out with palm toward you, he/she is asking you to

stop so the horse can be moved to a safer spot so you may pass. These gestures help to

communicate with motorists when additional caution is needed.

Motorcyclists, box trucks or vehicles with trailers should be especially aware of how

easily they can startle a horse. All motorists should be alert to the actions of the horse and

rider (driver) and be sure to slow down and pass wide. Please help with safety when

sharing the road.


Horse owners do appreciate all motorists who show awareness, courtesy and

respectfulness with sharing the road! WE THANK YOU ALL! Remember we are your

neighbors whom you pass on your town roads. Let’s slow down and give each other a

friendly wave.


From NH Horse Council “Thank You Again for your courtesy”!

(please feel free to repost this NHHC article and submit to local papers)

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